is so rad!!! 


-back home!

-i didn’t think i would miss being in vegas, but i do

-part of me hates vegas but i do like the lights and awesome attraction spots

-plane ride back was fun hehe eugenie, angela, and i sat in the same row

-discovered Ustheduo’s freaking youtube channel

-in awe at how EVERY one of their songs are so innovative and they’re really adorable together


-REALLY want to watch vampire academy..ugh

-but i probably can’t today cause i was out for most of the whole day yesterday

-haven’t been reading any books recently..just outta the phase for a bit i guess

-didn’t touch allegiant for a month? really long time

-semi unproductive day..sigh just doing chinese blog

-tutoring tomorrow morning :D

-oh yeah and after mrs. lees wedding yesterday grace and i walked to university avenue and got lunch at this burger store

-unanumi? idk good burger but it was $$$ cause it was tiny

-and then we got CREAM. so amazing i am IN love

-we wanted to get macaroons at the store next to it, but we were too full

-i really like palo alto, it’s so city like 


-finished all my hw

-except for chem..don’t get that

-tomorrow is kimberly’s official birthday :)

-really obsessed with bastille and his songs

-swimming started this week!

-HEHE so excited for this friday cause we’re going out for kimberly’s birthday dinner

-going to be so busy next week :(

-over break i’m going to VEGAS, BABY! for three days

-really sore

-feeling really productive! i think the swimming schedule forces me to have manage my time, which is good

spider rant

i always have a time period where i never see spiders for a while and then BAM ONE APPEARS. usually i scream and run to my mom and beg her to kill it for me. and then just recently, i was working on the computer and A SPIDER WAS CRAWLING ON MY MOUSE… disgusting. and it came at the worst time mom wasn’t home. and i ran away but it was scrambling all over my hw and my pencil case. so i tried to use a newspaper but it barley even touched the spider because i got grossed out and ran away. and when my mom came home the spider left and ewww i cant even sit properly when im on the computer now. the worst part is that the next morning there was another fat spider in my shower…i didn’t even know it was there bc of my terrible eyesight until it started crawling. oh god..yeah this concludes my story about a nasty spider experience 


-cheers to a new month

-starting to write in my planner again! i really like the satisfaction of crossing something off

-had a semi productive friday yesterday. made a rough draft for the imperialism test


-swimming starts this monday

-1/2 excited 1/2 sad


-ooh divergent comes out in march hehehe

-kinda amazed at how viral flappy bird got.. so quick 


-did math hw and looked over the ppts

-haven’t gotten around to be able to read allegiant for a while..

-probably because of the stupid Chinua Achebe book

-i really want to watch maleficent cause angelina jolie is in it 

-and vampire academy AND endless love (they all come out this month i think)

-went to target today and ended up getting a camelbak water bottle! couldn’t decide on the pink or teal color

-this weekend seemed long for some reason, which is always a good thing

-I NEED NEW SONGS. i hate it when i’m bored of almost every song and i don’t have any new ones to listen to


-had so many tests/quizzes today

-tgif and its all over

-got home and caught up on abc shows and it felt like FOREVER since i’ve sat down on my bed and just watched a show

-got a lab today and you have to design the whole lab :(

-checking one thing off on my to do list: got east coast pictures printed



-handwashed my laundry today! who knew it could be so much work

-cleaned my room

-watched a video compilation that my aunt made of this summer when we visited her, my uncle and their daughter melinda :”)

-did some chem

-today was a typical saturday


Merry Christmas, guys! Here’s my cover of “Let It Go” from Disney’s new animated film, Frozen! Elsa’s such a strong character, and this song is about her finally breaking free of her chains, accepting herself, and learning to… let go!